Sunday, May 2, 2010

Genelife Clinical Research

Genelife Clinical Research is started with the sole objective of reducing the time of drug development process. We at Genelife aspire to become the world's leading knowledge-driven service provider for our all Clinical Trial Participants. The building-block of Genelife Clinical Research is its employee, consultants, investigators along with system, who have passion for Clinical research who share common goals and expectations regarding drug development with our sponsor.

Genelife Clinical Research a newly incepted phase II/IV CRO, also involved in project management of Non-Clinical and BA/BE studies. Genelife Clinical Research has the power to complete multiple projects on time and in budget in different therapeutic areas. Although a new CRO Genelife Clinical Research is confident of its capabilities and able to match any global CRO in quality and timeline.

Genelife Clinical Research is in the initiative to provide trust based strategic partnership with sponsors. Genelife provides broad-based progression of therapeutic candidates, including Drugs, Biologicals and Medical Devices, from the laboratory through clinical proof. Genelife Clinical Research has built the base with core values of 3 Es.
  • Experience: Our diverse team brings experience pool of more than 20 years to deliver the most complaint services
  • Enthusiasm: Our young and dynamic team considers the value of each sponsor and equally participates in the product development process
  • Excellence: Our only objective to attain excellence in each study makes us unique in industry.
Genelife Clinical Research wishes to initiate collaborative effort with medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech to achieve unparalleled scientific, clinical and business results. Genelife Clinical Research innovates and carries-out sponsors’ programs by utilizing Genelife Clinical Research internal professionals, consultants, investigators as well as leveraging our extended Global Resources. By focusing on Translational Clinical Development, Genelife Clinical Research is fully committed to:
  • Fundamentally understanding the “Lab” sciences
  • Having the ability to lead IND enablement
  • Being second to none in carrying out clinical research
Genelife Clinical Research has created an infrastructure that is based upon some of the most experienced program and project managers, seasoned principal investigators, and Academicians who can smoothly guide any project from the bench to the bedside with unparalleled speed. Working with Genelife Clinical Research will provide the following benefits:
  • Higher recruitment rates/ shorter timelines
  • Better understanding of your research needs
  • Clear and transparent service
  • Quality data
Our focus on medical device enables us to understand the competitive and regulatory challenges that are unique to the industry. Price erosion due to competition and increasing delays in DCGI approvals are creating continuous pressure on profit margins. Genelife Clinical Research helps by providing lower costs and faster completion of the programs. Genelife Clinical Research understands these challenges and can facilitate this expansion.
Genelife Clinical Research offers unique access and optimal utilization of opinion leaders, principal investigators, clinics, special subject populations, regulatory venues, and other trial resources. Understanding and leveraging the unique peculiarities of different regulatory venues, longstanding relations with renowned opinion leaders, Principal Investigators, and clinics, as well as in-depth understanding of the patients population pools, are all the components of Genelife Clinical Research's ability to deliver Global clinical research excellence. Our rigorous quality checks and SOPs make our data acceptable to the any regulatory body in the world. Genelife Clinical Research is also undergoing the GCP audit and will get certification by 2nd week of February, 2010 and FDA compliance Audit in the last week of March 2010.
The building-block of Genelife Clinical Research is its employee, consultants, investigators along with system, who have passion for Clinical research who share common goals and expectations regarding drug development with our sponsor. Science & innovation is the key for the union of people from diverse field of clinical research in Genelife Clinical Research.
We at Genelife Clinical Research encourage innovation and provide platform for everybody to share ideas and thoughts for the improvement of system. We work in a flexible & Client Centric system. For each given assignment every body in the organization recognizes their task and works in co-ordination with group in order to achieve personal & organizational goal. In our journey of development and innovation, our active consultants from different fields like translational research, drug discovery, Clinical Research, Pre-Clinical research, knowledge consultancy and R&D provide valuable inputs & suggest corrective action (if required) and guide us.
Our project management team has developed a good network among Investigators/Doctors of tier 2 & 3 cities along with tier 1 cities, which provide an extra mileage over our competitors. We have also created a steering committee of Doctors for different therapeutic areas which help us in reducing the lead time of feasibility as well as project planning in best possible way to beat the expectation of the client. 

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