Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1 st Anniversary of Genelife Clinical Research

We take the opportunity to update our esteemed and valued client, that we have completed one year in serving the research needs of the Drug Development Process.
We have celebrated our anniversary on 26th of February 2011. The inception and working journey of past one year has been a motivating experience for us which will remain a cornerstone on which we shall build our future.

On this auspicious occasion, I would like to thank everybody who directly or indirectly helped us in reaching this milestone.
At this time, it would be myopic to attribute our greatest thanks to one particular individual who trusted our capabilities which helped us in converting our dream into reality. On the other hand joined forces of several people helped Genelife to make it so far.

The journey was difficult and challenging but we came off with flying colors. One year back we started a new organization on a shoe-string budget which now have grown into a business far exceeding anyone's expectations. We are all very proud of this accomplishment and grateful to our customers and employees who helped us in achieving these feet. 
Genelife Clinical Research was founded in February 2010 by a small group of entrepreneurs headquartered in Thane, initially started as a Clinical Research Organization then quickly diversified into all aspects of drug development process. With the proliferation of consumer’s needs we started our Pre-Clinical organization with the name of Acuro Research Centre in Pune. With this success, Genelife has become one of those CROs who have the capability of conducting both clinical as well as pre-clinical studies in house.

In this past one year, we successfully conducted 14 Preclinical studies. Another 13 are currently in pipeline. We are also participating in two global US FDA studies. At present we are conducting one study for DCGI submission in Asthma and we are looking forward to start a Cancer study in Europe for US FDA submission. Also Genelife has taken initiative and conducted Disease Surveillance Survey (DSR), in order to identify fresh sites and potential investigators for upcoming studies in (medical conditions). It is an ongoing process and presently Genelife has a database of around 800 new investigators and sites. 
This all become possible because of your support and trust. From inception, the Genelife CR capitalized on the company's policy “to become the partner of choice for sponsors”. We have translated our knowledge into a full portfolio of drug development which empowers clients to close the gap between their requirement and regulatory needs.
Looking back at this moment I feel proud to be a part of the winning team here at Genelife and also visualize a great collaboration and partnership with you for the foreseeable future.  

Kind Regards,
Dhirendra V. SinghManaging Director


  1. the First Anniversary also coincided with the inauguration of the new preclinical facility this is like double Sundae ( I am referring to the icecream) keep it going.

    Kamakshi Sriram

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