Wednesday, September 28, 2011


After a prompt start in conducting a clinical trial for DCGI submission on a therapeutic area of Asthma, Genelife Clinical Research is all set to start a trial of Nutraceuticals on Breast Cancer. The term
"Nutraceuticals" may require a brief introduction. Nutraceutical is a word introduced by US FDA for possibly a pormanteu of "Nutritional" and "pharmaceuticals". Health Canada defines the term as, "A Nutraceutical is a product isolated or purified from of foods or food like material that is generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food. A Nutraceutical is demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease. These may range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specific diets to genetically engineered foods, herbal products, and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages." In a nutshell, Nutraceuticals are Natural Adjuvant having affirmative medical and health benefits; including the prophylaxis of disease, maintenance of nutrition and basic health profile and restitution of cumulative aftereffects of treatments received. Major Indications also include facilitation of desirable therapeutic outcomes of concomitant therapeutic agents. All these indications are for improving quality of life in subjects who are healthy or dependent upon long-term medication and has met with great monetary success.

Genelife is reaching out with nutraceutics to the world’s third most common cause of mortality, the Cancer. In this condition Morbid and uncontrolled division of cells and their invasion into other tissues lead to formation of malignant tumors and cause impediment to the life process”. Breast cancer being one of the most common types of cancer, is taken a basis for this study. Planned typical treatment of Breast Cancer, just like most others, includes surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy either singular or in combination. With the evolvement of radiation therapy or chemotherapy, the Life expectancy, five years survival rate, retardation of disease process is achieved. Unfortunately, the therapy; due to its side effects; has significant deterioration in the quality of life. To overcome this, Ocimum has developed a herbal Nutraceutical product and successfully tested it in animals. This formulation is a plant extract expected to reduce cumulative after-effects and side-effects of treatments of cancer and also helps in improvising in the quality of life. REFORM 1 ca is a randomized single-center, placebo controlled, study for safety and efficacy outcomes of one of this herbal adjuvant in a close small cohort. As a Strategy of study, the subjects will continue with prescribed treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This study is powered and designed to achieve the outcome listed down:

• Improving the quality of life

• Reducing the side effects of chemotherapy / radiation therapy given as a treatment of Breast Cancer

Innovative study design as a "Genelife factor" has made the study interesting and adorable. The outcomes of the study are looked forward to introduce new heights to all Nutraceutical industry and hopefully sooth sufferings of Cancer patients.

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