Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Genelife Clinical Research: III Anniversary

We perform at our intellectual best and by exceptional willingness when we know why and what we're doing; with this motivation Genelife Clinical Research was established (on 26th Feb 2010). Every one related to Genelife either employees, clients, consultants, investigators, vendors or well-wisher they all have played their role most effectively and efficiently in the establishment & development of Genelife Clinical Research. On the third anniversary of Genelife Clinical Research I would like to thank everybody who has worked to achieve our goal “To be the most respected partner in providing product development and clinical research needs.” We can say this, because we have been haired more than once by all our sponsors. 
The development of Genelife Clinical Research has proved that marketing and sales is not the only deciding factor for the development of an organization. Our continuous development is because of our young Operations & Biometrics team, which has shown the urge to reach their full potential in order to make each project successful. They proved that the strongest principle of growth lies in one’s choice. We were privileged to receive this choice from our esteemed clients who trusted in our capabilities and entrusted their important projects. Furthermore, our development is also credited to those clients who have given suggestions for process development in place of project, which was equally valuable. And with them we hope to strengthen our relation further. 

Genelife Clinical Research has seen several notable changes this year like: 
  • Web CRF 
  • New & bigger office 
  • Global presence; we now have major clients in Australia, Europe & North America. And now we have operations in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and South Africa. 
In 4th year of our business we will focus on accelerating our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand—by sharing the knowledge of our services & strength through effective marketing. However, we will not follow the conventional method of marketing also. It will be as unique as our “Disease Surveillance Report”. We are very excited about this and truly believe that this will bring a trend in our fraternity. This will also be our first step towards expansion with stability, better service, and global presence while still offering all advantages of a small size CRO. We are also very excited for our new office in Copenhagen which we will open in May 2013. However, our focus will remain on “Creating Innovation” in our project management implementation. 

Looking back on the trails of time and development I feel proud to be a part of this exciting journey. This keeps me encouraged and intrigues me to reach further out to you, our partner, client and ambassador. 

Thank you everybody. 

Kind Regards,
Dhirendra V. Singh


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  2. You are doing an excellent task by promoting various clinical research in India. It is commendable that you have successfully established yourself a pro in the field of clinical research in just three years. All the best for your future endeavors!

  3. Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. We expect a your continuous support and encouragement!

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