Tuesday, February 25, 2014

4th Anniversary of Genelife Clinical Research

Not so long ago, on 26 Feb 2010 we started Genelife Clinical Research, after years of planning and analyzing the cost & expenses. On this day our dreams took-off with a lot of enthusiasm, promise and hope in the back drop of recession and limited resources. We knew that if we will survive that period we would have no limits. During those days we had to survive not only the recession but also against mighty established players. We survived that period and emerged as a winner in our own way. The first year was a very emotional year. We had gone through lots of pain and turbulence before we reached our 1st anniversary. But why I am talking about that now.. because this was an equally challenging year.

This year we will be remembering as the year of “reform and regret”. Across the country the quality of care of patients and clinical research was decreasing considerably. The necessary quality standards were available as standard in some places and were unavailable in others. Our regulation which was developed in a piecemeal fashion over a period of time was not able to manage the things properly and industry was in desperate need for reform- which finally happened this year. However, the planning, developing and implementation of this reform took almost a year, which almost killed the Clinical Research industry of India. Many competitor companies including some giants pull their curtains down; some changed their mode of operations. This changed the entire complexion of Clinical Research market, which to some extent is positive because now only those seriously involved companies are left in this serious business.

Everybody in healthcare industry was affected by this “silent” phase and we were no exception. However, with the confidence in our system and support of clients, friends and well-wishers we came out of this period. This could have been even better if we would have not lost some US FDA projects due to this regulatory complication. I still regret that decision of taking those projects in such an unstable regulatory environment. It was hard for us, but even larger concern and my deep apology to those sponsors whose time, energy and money wasted during this tenure.

Since inception, Genelife Clinical Research has focused on strong customer relationship with a vision "To be the most respected partner in providing product development and clinical research needs." The effort of giving the best is a kind of self-motivating mantra which probably separates us from the rest. And probably this is the only thing which helps us to emerge excellent from any given situation.

Looking back at the development of the entire year; it gives me a sense of achievement. We started the year on high note and anticipated a greater growth; however, with all the hiccups, what we achieved is remarkable growth not only in terms of project but also in terms of reach. We now have a global presence and soon we will be operating globally. We have implemented electronic CRF and looking forward to implement CTMS.

I would like to to attribute this year’s success to my team, which stuck to the basics & kept me away from taking any imprudent decisions. The secret of our success this year is not just doing the right thing but doing the right thing in customer centric way cost effectively. Very basic principle we understood our sponsor’s requirement and planned according to their requirement.
On this auspicious occasion, I sincerely appreciate the faith of clients on our ability. We are looking forward to deliver that trust in best possible way. I am greatful to all those who have directly or indirectly helped us to shape our dream and vision. But my greatest thanks to my colleagues and consultants for their commendable effort and believing the ideology of Genelife Clinical Research. This year belong to them and I feel proud to be a part of this excellent team.

I am looking forward for the same kind of trust, faith and support from everyone in future. I know if we perform this good, we will evolve even better in the coming year.

Thank You.

Kind Regards,
Dhirendra V. Singh


  1. Dhirendra,

    I wish you all the best. When the going get's tough, the tough gets going.


    1. Dear Nagraj,

      Thank you very much for the wishes.

      Kind Regards,